Help with linked racks


Hi guys, I’d like to have some help with the following:
I have 3 linked racks that I want to stack and switch via routing.
All the same guitars linked rack, but different presets.
Only problem is, they all switch the same preset because it’s the same rack.
Is the only solution to copy the rack multiple times? Or can I have virtual copies also (so the setting stay the same in each rack)


Is that the same linked rack? This is not allowed! As far as I know Brad was not yet able to clean this up. In the future Cantabile should give you an error message when you try adding the same linked rack twice (f.e. copy & paste).

To answer your question: Yes! The only option you have is to save every linked rack to a separate file and load them as individual linked racks into the song. It’s not possible to have two instances of the same linked-rack in one song.


ok thx, I’ll try it that way, switching presets takes to much time as it seems, takes a second or so and that’s already some beats to late :wink:


Grrrrrr I keep on getting that synth1 crash !!!
Dunno Why.

Latest version of C3 and Synth1, keeps on crashing


It is possible to use the same Linked Rack multiple times, but it involves a little workaround.

To do it you create ‘Symbolic Links’ of the Linked Rack file. These are ‘short-cuts’ of sorts, that make Cantabile think the link file is a different Linked Rack, when it is actually the same file.

I do this for all my Linked Racks - even my ‘Hubs’. When I make a new Linked Rack I run a small batch file that creates two or three Symbolic Link versions, ‘just in case’ - very easy to do.

Here’s an example of my batch file content:
cd C:\Users\elf\Google Drive\Live Audio\Cantabile\Band\Racks
mklink “FF Twin 02.cantabileRack” “FF Twin 01.cantabileRack”
mklink “FF Twin 03.cantabileRack” “FF Twin 01.cantabileRack”
mklink “FF Twin 04.cantabileRack” “FF Twin 01.cantabileRack”

This allows me to use up to 4 copies of my ‘FF Twin’ Linked Rack, complete with all the presets I set up, and any future changes I make to the original version.


Wow! Didn’t know that! Thanks!

But maybe @brad could join in and tell us that this workaround will also work in the future. I seem to remember, that he said he wants prevent the multiple usage of linked racks…


A word of warning though - if you load a couple of instances of a rack that are connected with symbolic links, and you make a change in rack 1, and save, rack 2 won’t get those changes until you restart Cantabile. Furthermore, if you make a change in rack 1, save it, then make a change to rack 2 and save that, it’ll overwrite the change you made to rack 1.

As long as you’re mindful of this, it works quite well :slight_smile:



Except for caveats as described by @Neil_Durant there’s not reason this shouldn’t continue to work…


Is anyone using symbolic links to duplicate racks AND using dropbox for their Cantabile files? Not sure if using symlinks messes up dropbox replication…


Ah yes - last time I tried using symlinks, Dropbox turned them into separate file copies. I’d forgotten that this is the reason why I don’t use symlinks, as I rely heavily on Dropboxing my Cantabile files.


Neither Dropbox nor OneDrive handle Symlinks properly. I’ve had to move to Google Drive to retain use of them in the cloud. It all works perfectly there.