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I play the EWI5000 Controller and use Catablie Solo as host for VST’s
What I want to be able to do is turn on and off instruments in the racks.
The EWI has 2 buttons that can be assigned as latched or unlatched midi controllers.

What I need to be able to select is my Sax vst instrument and then a higher volume of the same instrument with one button and turning the brass section on and off with the other one.

I have managed to turn the brass rack on and off using bindings for one of the buttons, so happy with that but I haven’t figured a way of turning up then down the volume or toggling between two instances of the sax with different volumes with the remaining button.

Is there a way of a turning a rack on and another off with the same message, i.e invert one
I m sure there must be a way…

Hi Rob

You could use song states to change the level. It is really according to what version C3 you have. Just set up lower level sax, save as song state, elevate the sax level, save as the second song state. You could also use the same, or different states to disconnect/reconnect the routing to the plugin, or plugin within a rack. States can be changed with a midi controller. So, if you line things up to a particular song, switching the song states will be easy to do during the song. This can also be done with rack states and controlled at the song level.
Hope this helps!



Hi @robrolley,

since in Solo you don’t have states, your best option is to switch on and off the routes using bindings. If you right click on the route’s checkmark (the V sign) you are asked if you want to create a binding. Click on “Create binding…”. You are asked to give a name to the route in order to create a binding. Answer “Yes” and give the route a name (e.g. Sax). You can now send a CC from your controller and bind the CC to control the route (though I usually click “Cancel” at this stage, since I prefer to create the binding in the dedicated “Bindings” page).

Once you are able to control routes with midi CCs, you can achieve your goal, for instance, by setting up three routes:

  1. a route from your controller to the Sax plugin (instance 1) set to low volume, controlled by one of the buttons. Set this route to active (green V).
  2. a route from your controller to the Sax plugin (instance 2) set to higher volume, controlled by the same button. Set this route to inactive (red cross)
  3. a route from your controlller to the brass plugin, controlled by the other button

Now, using the first button on your controller you should be able to toggle the Sax routes on/off. Using the second button, you should be able to control the brass route.

In the “Bindings” page you find three bindings, all with “Toggle” behaviour.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Corky and Gabriel for the quick and detailed replies. I’ll take a look at those routes, I hadn’t thought of that way.

Kind regards

Hi Rob,

On the 2 volume binding you ask about I can offer this suggestion. With your controller switch set to latch you place this binding and set the 2 gain values in the values box. This does the job in one binding. My example sets 2 output levels for a reverb plugin.



Dave, just tried it and it works great Thank you . Having it as latched means that I can see when solo is enabled as the button lights red when enabled. Thank you …I’ll use the same latched gain technique to do the same with brass as I can see when it is enabled when I am playing.
Very elegant solution.


So why didn’t I think of that :slight_smile:

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Dave always has the best solutions! :grin:

This software always has more than one great solution! :wink: 3 offerings in this thread …

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