Help with bindings for transport controls


I am trying to create bindings with the transport controls on my Axiom 25 to start and stop a midi file in the media player. I have set one binding for the axiom play button (CC 24), and another for the axiom stop button (CC23). I hit the play button on the keyboard and it starts fine, I then hit the stop button and it stops. Simple enough. However, when I hit the play button again, nothing happens. This happened to me on Cantabile 2 also.

Hi Paul,

can you post a screenshot of your bindings?


Hi Paul,

Have you tried different controller choices on your bindings ( ie … Controller (Button), Controller (No Edge Button), Controller (Switch) … ). Try this first.

Thank you for your help… The Controller (No Edge Button) worked.

  • Paul

Dave, if I may, what does - Controller No Edge Button - actually mean?

The various controller / button settings for bindings are detailed in this guide (near the bottom):


thanks Neil (for Dave haha!)

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