Help - can't get Cantabile to toggle a plugin bypass

Hi, running Cantabile 2 Solo build 2049. Trying to simply toggle the bypass for an effect plugin, using one cc command from my FCB 1010. This should work pretty easily, I’m stumped. I have:
A Rack with just one plugin. FCB is sending cc 27, value 127 from one footswitch… no PC or any other commands.

All I get is Bypass on first press, nothing on 2nd press… it stays bypassed. Latching or toggle mode, still no joy. I tried midi filter, latching, with a value of 127,0. No joy. Tried different plugins, other midi filters, no change. The only way I can get this to work is to change the FCB programming so I’m using one switch to turn on bypass, another to turn off… but that’s lame and uses up way too many switches. It should toggle. Or I can program FCB into Toggle mode with 2 cc commands, but I can’t do that because I’m using this one cc27 to change other things at the same time. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


By default Cantabile 2 assumes buttons used in MIDI Assignments are edge triggered - ie: they trigger when the value goes from below 64 to above 64. Can you configure the FCB to send a zero value when released?

Cantabile 2 does have some support for non-edge triggered controllers but unfortunately not for that particular binding.


Thanks, Brad. I can’t do that in this particular configuration, since the same cc is also controlling parameters on a plugin and the plugin won’t function correctly if I do that. But I can send a particular value. So 2 questions:
-which paramters in cantabile are non-edge triggered? In other words, maybe there’s a workaround to toggle… bypass a rack, bypass a plugin, suspend, toggle gain, etc.? Anything that can essentially bypass a plugin…
-How does Cantabile 3 handle this sort of thing… will it do this?

Hi @twaw,

Cantabile 2 is a bit limited in regard to non-edge triggered assignments - they’re only available on “command” assignments, not on switch type assignments like you’re trying to use.

Cantabile 3 can handle non-edge triggered assignments on any kind of binding. You just need to selected “Controller (No Edge Button)” on the event type. eg:


Got it. Thanks, Brad!