Hello Everyone - new member



I just wanted to introduce myself. Im Stuart and I have just purchased Cantabile. Its a great piece of software. So much better than having to use a DAW with A bloated piece of software such as Cubase when I just want to play.

I write virtual instruments and keyboard editors and sequencers. Www.stuartpryer.co.uk

I mainly use Mac but use Windows 10 too. My keyboards are a Roland RD 2000 for which I’ve written a free editor and a Roland A800 pro. I also have a Korg Triton Pro loaded with a moss board and a lovely Yamaha RY30 drum machine.

For VSTs i use Native instruments Komplete 12. Btw Massive X works fine in Cantabile. I also use my own vsts. I also use my Fractal sequencer for listening to VSTs whilst I have a beer.

This is a great forum. Very informative. Cant wait for a Mac version of Cantabile. It will be better than Mainstage.




Hello and welcome.

Hmm, haven’t looked at Fractals and Mandelbrot Sets since the late 80s, early 90s. I used to have a processing crate with 16 Transputers (remember them?) in it, which gave me nearly 500MHz of processing power (at a time when a state of the art PC was a 16MHz 80386!), so I had the fastest Mandelbrot Generator on site! I also had to use it for what is was intended for, but the Mandelbrot Set was a great demo of how connecting 16 processors in parallel could soup things up a little, which most people could relate to as fractals were all the rage at the time!

Of course now, my current PC could probably do it faster without breaking into a sweat, but this was 30 years ago!


Hey Stuart,

Small world, I located and tried your RD2000 editor and liked it. I was waiting for and hoping that a true librarian would result from the work you have already done. Down the road maybe. In the mean time I am extremely impressed by your editor, thanks for making it and making it available to sods like me! :smile:

And Welcome to the forum!