Hearts? really?

OK, this will sound silly, and forgive me if this sounds sexist, but personally I would like a more “manly” LIKE symbol when responding to a post- a manly thumbs up would be good, or even a simple smiley face. :slight_smile:

couldn’t resist Lee, just joshin’ , a different icon would be fine with me. :smile:

That symbol is the default in Discourse (the forum software that runs the site).

It can be changed however… see this post by Jeff Atwood - the founder of Discourse and somewhat of an expert on building online communities.

Thumbs up would be a terrible way to emphasize the value we place on empathy. A heart, on the other hand, is strongly associated with empathy.

Hence the value of having it on every post.

lol…that’s fine. I was only half serious about the whole thing.

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