Having the background rack trigger an event on song reset

I often have a media player playing a background track when I practice. What I want to be able to do is stop the media player if I go page to State 1 of my song (that is, restart the song). In the song itself, I could put a binding in State 1 to stop media player 1 (and then I manually start it again when I’m ready to start the song). But I’d like that behavior to be universal across all songs. In the background rack, I can bind to events such as Song States/Selected Index, but there is no option to indicate that an Event occurs ONLY on State 1. Any suggestions?

I may have found a solution -

I have a “Restart” button in my Controller bar. That was linked to a Select State 1 action. I just changed that to invoke an Engine reset, and in the background rack put a binding that Engine reset loads State 1.

Is there any downside to that approach?