Having issues with on-screen keyboard and some of the redrawing

This seems to be independent of version (happens on 32xx as well as all of the 35xx versions that I have been trying. Running Win 10 1709 Pro with all of the patches.

It’s probably something in the configuration that is conflicting with another config option. A couple of things seem to be happening that are making this weird:

1. On-Screen Keyboard options don’t change anything: The Ctrl-K and menu items don’t have an effect on the Cantabile UX anymore. Either way, I can’t get the keyboard to go away, or if it Is present I can’t get the keyboard to play anything.

2. The keyboard window won’t resize: When trying to resize the frame for the on-screen keyboard it seems to be stretching and shrinking the keyboard.

I can provide pictures or video, log files, registry info, etc. , or even a remote into the machine if that helps.

Anyone have any ideas on what’s going on here?

Adding some pictures:

Hi @PatAzzMusic,

Try this: right click on the keyboard and turn off “Compact Mode”. This mode the keyboard is intentionally unplayable and only intended for showing key range indicators.

To hide the keyboard - either resize it down to nothingness, or give it focus (Ctrl+K) and then from the View menu choose “Hide Active Panel/Bar” or press Shift+Escape.


Ah, PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair)!!!

I should have tried right clicking on it.

Thank you Brad - that solved the issue.