Harmonia, new synth from Cherry Audio

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Cherry Audio releases Harmonia, which is “something like an additive synthesizer”.


Hmmm, interesting beast!

Good to see something new and creative, instead of yet another 70s classic re-creation.

The oscillator concept is really interesting and deep and offers a lot of potential for sound design, yet the overall architecture is familiar enough to get going quickly without having to re-learn everything…

Given the price, it’s almost a no-brainer - just not sure if I’m ready to fall into another sound design rabbit-hole…

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Tempting! Interesting sounds, 4 LFOs, loads of modulation, built-in effects. Looks like a good deal.

Anyone have a guess how long that deal will be around?

Guess $49 is the final price. It is a standard policy of Cherry Audio to (almost) never raise the price to MSRP.

I bought it yesterday and have played with it a bit. Its capable of a lot of crazy stuff yet has a straightforward and clean UI. Liking it. I had nothing additive so jumped right on it.

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That was a definite concern when I bought it. But it was easy to wrap my head around it after watching the demo vid and its not bad at all from imagining a sound and making that sound happen. I will say the evolving pad like sounds are really good thru premium reverbs.