Hardware patch names

Is there a way to import hardware patch names into C3?

I’m working with a few bands now and trying to avoid constantly shuffling patches within two hardware synths to make things work. Having used C3 with just plugins i love the flexibility but want something. A little more stable more stable without buying a new HW synth. Since I’ll be using the Impulse as a controller C3 makes huge sense.

I doubt it. I imagine you’d have to name things in C3 by hand. I assume you mean for control of the existing hardware by C3, right? What are they? If they have software patch editors available that could solve your problem.

I use a rack and rack states to control my two hardware synths. I don’t use them live anymore, but I still enjoy them at home. It only works well if you keep your patches in the same memory slots on the hardware synth. The rack states have the names of the patches. It takes some time to set it up though. Here is a screenshot for my Roland D550:

And with the rack open: