Hardware instruments smart maps

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Is it possible to integrate the keyboard mapping in the software? Korg and models, Yamaha and models, Clavia and models, etc …
Because instruments can be managed without the need to know the MIDI Bank select, Program change, Mode change messages.
It would be great to recall the brand and model and see the list of sounds (factory sounds) and the sysex for that keyboard.

Hi, that is fine for synths with presets and in the days when they have only been a few of them (e.g 32 in a Prophet V), but what about synths like the Kronos, with 7 internal banks of 128 voices (which you can overwrite) and 16 user banks, so 2,944 voices in total, or soft synths that no longer follow MIDI norms? And users will have loaded their own sounds or libraries.

All I do these days is make a note where the sound comes from, as it is the only thing I can consistently rely on across my sonic arsenal. Text is king! :slight_smile:

A few of us have been making racks having all the factory presets available as states over here, for both effects and instrument plugins and a few hardware instruments:



I have a simpler idea to select bank number and program. As you already know the bank number of a Korg keyboard is different from selecting 1.1 to 1.128 or from 5.1 to 5.128. For example the korg M3 does not respect this numbering. For example for the “Program” section it starts from I-A to I-F and from U-A to U-G, and for the “Combination” section there is another numbering. I also have a Physis Piano K4EX which has its own way of numbering sounds, for example P001: SCENE A - B - C - D. I think we should make it easier to select sounds for each brand and model of keyboard. Then if you want to choose the sounds from Cantabile as now, acting more specifically on the bank number and program, this possibility must also remain. Even if you customize your keyboard with your own sounds, the bank and program number will never change. In the case of the Korg I-A: (program number) I-B: (program number) these items will always remain even if you remove the factory sounds!

This is an example: