Happy Holidays Everyone! 🎄

Glad tidings to all the people on this amazing site! We saw the return of live music, higher wages for musicians, and a new Cantabile! While so many things in this world sucks now, live music played a big part in a somewhat “normal” return for millions.
Here’s hoping everyone is doing well, and planning a safe holiday season. :wink: :beer:




I couldn’t have said nicer things. :champagne:


Hi Corky and all of the very friendly cantabile community;

Merry christman and a happy new year - and here is a recording from a classic piece I made recently for my friends:

This is a free sample organ for Kontakt because it doesn’t make sense to by Organteq if it will be used only occassionally.


LOL, I made a Goth version of Boston’s “Foreplay” using the Leed’s freebie organ (I’m guessing that’s what you used here). Regardless, your recording sounds very nice!


Yes; I rediscovered the Leeds Townhall Organ samples on my HDD. It inspired me to make an exercise and see if I still can play things that were last played decades ago.


To opening the brand new Vienna Fazioli F308 Grand.


Tanti auguri di buon Natale da parte mia


Some wokey wonks want us to say in case traditional greetings cause offence: “happy festive shutdown period”. Sheesh: That really offends me!

So, b******s to that political correctness and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, however you chose to celebrate it.

Whilst is is a crazy world out there, it has also seen light and joy, and we have been blessed with plenty of wonderful instruments in bits and bytes form, and yet again, this forum has been a bastion of help, (some) sanity and (lots of) off beat humour.

Hope you all get time to spend with friends and family, time for making music (I have been dissecting how to get some of Steve Hillage’s synth sounds for a live gig next year) and hope you have something nice under the tree to make a noise with tomorrow! I’m afraid that Santa is giving me GAS again! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support of Cantabile over the years - I feel extremely lucky to have such a great community of people using Cantabile and working together to help each other.

This year has been a little quiet (albeit busy) on Cantabile development front due to lot’s of other personal things going on, but I’m hoping things will settle down early next year and I can get back into the full swing of things.

In the meantime…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. Stay safe and have a nice holiday time.