Hanging notes/routing question


Hey all,

I’m having an issue with hanging notes when I change rack states. I have a single in port I’m using and various midi routes - one route goes to my Hammond, another to my Rhodes, another to a Wurli and one to a piano, with various fx in a chain as well. When I hold notes and switch to another rack state (effectively disabling route 1 and activating route 2) everything seems fine initially but when I switch back to the other rack state, my notes are hanging. It’s obviously most notable with a Hammond preset but it’s annoying with pianos too.

What I figure is happening is that Cantabile is not getting the note-offs because I’m switching off the routes. But as far as I understood Cantabile always keeps track off this stuff exactly to prevent it.

The reason I’m doing it this way, rather than simply muting the audio outputs of the plugins, is to save CPU. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your efforts, I have to puzzle out what you’re doing here exactly but to be honest it seems very complicated. I feel like I never had this issue before so I’m wondering if anyone else found this too, or if I’m doing something I shouldn’t.


Sorry sanderxpander, It was all I could think of because as you have gathered when you cut a route off while holding keys down you won’t get the note off. It’s has always worked that way I think unless I missed something and with this program that is easily possible … I’ll remove the long post as it is not useful to clean the thread and I hope someone can help