Hanging Notes in 4104

What I noticed:

After the update to 4104 I had to do a complete VST rescan, because there were many “unknown” plugins in the selection list:

When I switch between states where the midi channel is diverted to switch sounds while playing, sometimes the notes hang.

Hanging notes.cantabileSong (160.0 KB)

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Today I made the test again and here is the result:

I installed version 4062 or 4104 of cantabile.
I made a new song with two sounds in KONTAKT 6 vst3 for each version.
I played some notes very rapidly.
During this I switched between the states (it doesn’t matter if I switch via GUI or via a binding)

Settings folders for both version (4062 and 4104) are saved.
Songs for both versions are also saved.
I made a recording for each version.

Result: Hanging notes when I use 4104. The hanging notes are muted when I play the same key with the new intrument.

Also the unknown plugins appear again when I update to version 4104 and do no full rescan of the plugin folder.

Hope this is helpful.


Now I have tried it again: Yes, you are right. The problem occurs when I downgrade from 4104 to 4062. It persists when I upgrade back to 4104 again. (4062 up to 4104 ok - down to 4062 unknown - up to 4104 still unknown)

Now I can upgrade and downgrade as I like; the plugins are recognized again when I perform a full rescan of the VST folders in any version.

Hi @Organist,

I don’t think the issue you reported with hanging notes is related to bindings (especially if this happens if switching states via GUI and not using binings) so I’ve moved your posts to a new topic.

I had a look at the song file you sent, but my version of Kontakt doesn’t want to load it. What version are you using?


I use Kontakt version 6.8.0. You can also use Halion, UVI Workstation, AIR Music Structure, etc.; the hanging notes still remain (also in version 4109).

I have not tested the versions released in the meantime, but in version 4116 the problem seems to be fixed. Thanks @brad!

Hi @Organist,

Thanks for the update. The hanging notes issue has been on my list but constantly getting bumped by other binding related issues. In fact, I was hoping to get to it today/tomorrow.

Anyway, pleased to hear this has resolved - not surprising given some of the re-working of Cantabile’s internal route management.

Let me know if it re-appears.