Handy trick with racks

Well, I managed to leave my iLok with my touring keyboard rig, 250 miles away after the last rehearsal, instead of bringing it home as I usually do, and I need to practice at home on my duplicate rig ready for upcoming shows in the next few weeks. But of course some plugins I use such as Ivory II rely on it!!!

So what do I do? Just drop an alternative piano plugin into my piano rack, temporarily, and bang - it works for all my songs! Great trick for those emergencies when you lose your iLok, or some other situation that means you need an emergency replacement sound for your whole gig or for practice. Obviously it won’t be great if you use lots of different patches on the missing plugin, but for things like pianos or lead synths, it’ll get you through.


Ilok has an online validation service now that you MIGHT be able to use in tandem with your key. That is what I use exclusively rather than worry about the key, as I only use this software on two computers in the same location. Just mentioning that - I don’t know if it will help in your situation.


For Mac and PC.


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That’s great to know, thanks Terry - they must have added this since I last spent any time looking at the iLok website. It’s definitely come on a bit, and also seems easier to transfer licences around and so on.



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