Handling contrary plug-ins (patch/bank mis-behavior)

Not to harsh everybody’s buzz about the new features, but turning to an older issue. I’ve had to setup racks with M1 and OP-X with “Entire Bank” selected for Rack State Behavior. I just can’t seem to get either one to play nice with pseudo presets, or to create a single dedicated bank of sounds which within their respective library method I use. Invariably, I select “Piano” or something for a patch and next time it loads I get “Japanese Dying Beatle” or some such–same patch number, different bank. The only way I’ve found for this to work is set Entire Bank on. Am I missing something? Or does everybody go through, pick their favorite sounds, and save them off a .FXP then import them into an .FXB for C3 pseudo presets? The Entire Bank method works, I’m just trying to clean up and smooth out the state switch operations.

I would be interested in this too. Though “entire bank” works really fast on this plug-in for me.

Same problem here. (with Guitar Rig Presets)
My quick solution was to send a bank/program change command when the State is loaded.

M1 doesn’t work with pseudo presets - instead Cantabile uses the patches of the currently selected bank as its presets. Once you select a patch from a different bank/card, all your other rack state will suddenly select patches from the newly selected card - that’s what creates all the fun for you.

For me, the best way to work with M1 is to stay within one bank on the M1; it seems this is the only way to stay compatible with Cantabile’s preset system. I keep all my sounds for one rack in one user bank (either progs or combis) and then select one of these sounds within M1. Then, Cantabile’s presets reflect the patches within that one bank. If I need a patch from another bank, I simply copy it into my user bank.

This limits me to 100 patches per instance of M1, but since each of my M1 instances in my racks is only used for a dedicated purposes (strings, pads, leads), this hasn’t hurt me so far. Once I get to more than 100 different sounds per instance, I’ll probably have to switch to “Entire Bank” - or simply split instances…

Hope this helps!



Thanks, @torsten. Follow up: do you limit yourself to factory banks, or have you figured out the incantation to save and use M1’s mysterious ALL M1 DATA file?

@RackedBrain have you seen this post? It talks about issues with OPX Pro and describes some solutions.

(Basically OPX’s patch management is broken, reproducible in any host - IMHO anyway).

Thanks, @Brad. Yes, I did see it. I’m just trying to figure out the “best practices” workarounds for these two beasts.

I may have just broken the “how to save in M1” code. I’ll document it for the group and move on to OP-X next. M1 takes an incantation, an Elder wand, and the fourth unknown Deathly Hollow to make it work, but I think I’ve figured it out. More testing first.


I’m not saving my banks via any mysterious ALL M1 DATA files - all I do is store my patches in M1’s user bank, and Cantabile saves everything for me (user patches seem to be part of the plugin state). This helps me enormously, since it is pretty easy to have four separate instances of M1, each with completely different user patches, in my various racks.



all I do is store my patches in M1’s user bank, and Cantabile saves everything for me (user patches seem to be part of the plugin state)

Ah Ha! That helps. I know Forte has a BLOB it uses to keep track of VST plug-in states. It was a little less than reliable from time to time (I think Mike has it working now) and I learned not to trust it. Yes, C3 seems to remember the USER presets for M1 without resorting to the M1 ALL DATA trick. If anyone wants to read about it, it’s discussed on the KVR site here:

This WOULD be helpful if you wanted to save your patches for Reaper Cubase, etc. But within C3, it seems to remember them for M1. Much easier. But, I did learn that you can’t cut and paste patches from factory “cards” into the user data space; you have to use File/Write to get them in. Once they are in there, C3 will remember them. If you want to go outside of C3, then you have to do the ALL DATA trick. M1 doesn’t save anything to disk until you do that.

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