Halion Sonic 3 crashes Cantabile

Hello, everyone,

is anyone here successfully using Halion Sonic 3 with Cantabile?
I’m already in touch with Brad, but we haven’t found a solution…
So do any of you use Halion Sonic 3 without any problems?
I would be very happy to receive some answers.

Working fine here in C3 3279 but I haven’t got round to updating to Halion Sonic 3.1 or C3 3289 yet.
What problem are you having?

Cantabile crashes when loading the set list when Halion Sonic is loaded. Strange that this usually happens when I load XPAND!2. It seems the two have a problem with each other.
I tested with Studio One Pro 3.5 and Reaper, without Problems…

i just started with cantabile (build 3532)
I did some testing with HS 3.1 and did not have any crashes so far.
Preloading Setlists worked fine.

if you have Xpand 2, can you load both plugins?

i can load both plugins in the same song - no problems.
switching between songs that have either one or the other - no problems.


Hi i’m working with Halionsonic 3 with 3289. It works very fine.
I had a similar problem with Sylenth, now i have banned it from my system.

Hi there,
can I sent you my songfile for a quick test?

hi wurlitzer,
let’s try that.

Steffen - almost a year later, are you having issues still with Sonic? I have Halon Sonic 3 (HS3) , and get constant crashes. I’ve made it better by throwing in 4.5 second delays on song unload, but that is hard to deal with when playing live. I am also seeing lots of issues with my MIDI controller - a Korg NanoKontrol Studio, where it will all of a sudden stop being responsive on drum pads, and otherwise locking up. It is hard to tell if the issue is with HS3 or the MIDI controller, guess I can test by trying another MIDI controller


Hi Steve,
no problems with Halion Sonic 3 in my Setup. Korg NanoKontrol is also working fine.

How about running HS 3 in your DAW. Does it crash there as well?


No DAW on this laptop. It’s exclusively used for live performance. NanoKontrol - now that you state that yours behaves well, mine did once take a nasty drop, but nothing broke. Maybe it made connectors / circuits intermittent. I will try another controller and see if the instability continues.

Halion Sonic 3 crashes Cantabile, even I load it via Setlist.
If I load it in a new Song (Existing linked Rack) it did not crash cantabile.
So my workaround is:

  1. Start Cantabile
    2.Load the HS3 Linked Rack
  2. Load the Setlist with all other Plugins.
    Strange, but this is the only solution for my to playing my setlist.