Halion 7 VST 3 crashes - possible work around

Hey All,

For anyone using Halion 7 VST 3 plugin and experiencing crashes and/or this error message:


I’m not sure who’s at fault with this and have posted a question on the Steinberg developer forum but it seems to be related to having 2 or more instances loaded, which are then unloaded and then a new instance loaded.

I’ve found that putting a single suspended instance in the background rack seems to prevent the crashes and will have to serve as a work around until I (or they) can get this fixed properly.


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It’s working fine here (4139) but I do only have one instance loaded in a set list with preload enabled.

I have the latest version running fine so far but since the update I get a error that some audio files are missing on my halion se version. I assumed it was because of the up grade. I have had both versions working together at the same time though.

Thanks to help on the Steinberg forum I’ve now found and fixed this issue - it was a bug in Cantabile’s VST 3 module loading code when multiple instances of a plugin.

The fix will be in build 4151 (coming soonish).