Great live recording features

Just a quick thanks to Brad for the great live recording features.
I tracked 11 channels altogether (7 soundcard inputs and further 4 of vsts) and C3 didn’t bat an eyelid.

I just need to get round to writing a lua script in Reaper to split out the multichannel file.

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Thank Neil - glad it works well for you.

@Neil, if you ever had been looking at Harrison’s Mixbus and was considering it, one of the greatest things about it is its import capabilities.

In the video below, I import an 8-track BWF made in Voicemeeter Pro “Banana” into Mixbus, starting at 7:18.

I actually have not used it for much final mixing yet but I have played with it enough to know it would be very good for that as well.



I love your Voicemeeter tutorials, Terry! Really informative.


Heh - I’ve really GOT to get my butt moving to make those Cantabile 3 tutorials I promised! Was waiting for some diffusion paper for my lights, and lost momentum. That stuff arrived a few days ago, so time to get a move-on! :wink: