Graphics time load

I’m running on a dell dl385p, two physical amd opterons with 16 cores each. My dream was that with all these cores, my longish list of plugins would all run together. It half works. I was getting cases where cpu load was 2%, but time load was >100% causing glitches ranging from brief crackle to catastrophic long-lasting noise periods. I had been using the in-built vga graphics on the server, and moving windows around would make it much worse. I’ve seen the other related posts and since switched to a pcie graphics card which helps, but I’m still on the quest for lowest latency without glitches.

The cantabile display is beautiful and the animated VU meters are great, but… my suggestion, for my case where I just want to host the vst’s, I would love to have a headless option. Perhaps with a hot key so we could pop in and out of full graphics and zero graphics. It’s clear that the UI affects the audio performance substantially, so a way to fully prioritize audio over graphics might make sense. It surely would help me!