Graphic UI Issue

I got a brand-new Dell XPS13 Plus laptop. Windows 11, 12th gen Intel CPU. I set the display to turn off after 15 minutes. When it comes back on, half the Cantabile graphics disappear and I have to restart the program to get it back to normal. My project has 12 songs. Each song is loaded with an instance of Kontakt with an average of 25mb per multi. No huge sample libraries. Pic on Dropbox

I don’t have a solution, but I’m curious why you have an audio laptop display set to turn off after fifteen minutes? Typically, every power saving windows background task is off. That would include hibernation, sleep, CPU cores, display power, screen savers, hard drives, USB power, etc. Look up Display Settings in GlitchFree.pdf.

I also don’t know why the graphics disappear. I have a question - are you turning off the screen because you’re running on battery? I repurposed the power button to instead turn off the display when using my Dell 11-3148 on battery power at open mics.The Dell is good for about 2 hours on battery with an X-Board 49. My Lenovo laptops with Axiom 61’s must have mains power to function properly with Cantabile.

Yea I’m running on battery power, so I set the display to shut off after 15 minutes of non-use. My power button is set by default to turn the screen off on a quick press. I have hibernation, screen saver, and USB power sleep turned off already.

I’ll set the display to turn off manually and see if that helps.

It’s worth a try - that’s working on my setup