Graphic bug with Arturia V7 VSTs

Hello, recently I’ve updated all the VSTs of the Arturia V7 to their most recent version and I noticed they changed for almost everyone the graphic interface, in particular the one regarding the internal preset manager.
Now I immediately discovered that sometimes there’s a bug and some buttons of the upper menu of the VSTs are not visible.

This bug happens in strange situations: for example I made some tests with 2 Cantabile songs that we are going to call Song1 and Song2. When I open Cantabile and the software opens on the Song1 the bugs happens and if I switch to Song2 the bug remains.
Instead if I open Cantabile on the Song2 there are no bugs and if I switch to Song1 there are still no bugs. And this happens EVERY time.

I don’t understand what’s causing this bug and I presume it’s more an Arturia fault but I still asked to see if someone else experienced this strange bug.
Thank you for reading!

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Weird bug. Check the Hi-DPI settings, if you use them. Or, if in song1/song2, there are instruments displayed not at the same “zoom” level.