GPU Audio | New GPU Technology for Digital Audio

Hi All,

I saw this new GPU audio processing technology & software plugins that use the GPU on your PC. I’ve used CUDA cores to process reverb for Acustica Nebula but this a totally new way to use the GPU for audio processing. Interesting stuff …




Gosh, this is my dream. Plugins running in hardware (DSP|GPU) on Windows (or MacOS) as supervisor.

I happen to have an Nvidia 1030 GT graphics card (bought it so I could run 4k resolution for Mixbus) so signed up for beta

very cool, I await some feedback, I want try it on my studio rig with the big nvdia card on it.

I d/l’d the early release convolver but it won’t scan in Reaper or Cantabile… :frowning_face:

Also, when I try to join their discord I get invalid invitation…any ideas on that?

Hi Sekim,

No, but I got the same deal. My guess is they cut it off to keep the numbers under control or they are completely unaware of it. Does @dsteinschneider Doug have any clues?


The Discord invite link is working now - I just joined - you can get to it if you kept the confirmation email - the link is working

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Thx Doug :slight_smile:

Well, tried their convolution reverb plugin, but it disappointed me a lot. Not for the audio quality itself, the strange thing is the very high Time Load, 20 to 35%, considering pure software reverb (i.e. Waves IR1) take 3 to 6%.
Ok, it’s a beta version, and I have not a RTX4090 interface, but 28% average TL is definitely too much IMO.

System info: i7-10750H with NVIDIA Quadro P2000 mobile video interface.
I’ll check out on their forum…