Good free plugin

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I came across this. I have the licensed version of V collection. It’s great, so having a cut down version free may be very useful for some. I would think there are some great classic sounds in this.

Not sure how long they wil be avail for, for free but enjoy if this is for you

Rob in the UK


When I purchased my Arturia Keylab MKII, Analog Lab software came with it. It actually caused me to re-think what VST’s I use. The Analog Lab and the V Collection run the gamut of some great keyboard sounds, in particular, lots of great synths from Mini-Moog, Oberheim, Arp, Prophet and more… keys like CS80, DX7, Mellotron, Vox, Farfisa, Rhodes, Wurly give a great combo to work with. All of them are fully tweakable. If you are looking for a great all-around package, I can heartily recommend this, even if it’s limited, it is FREE!

Thanks. I couldn’t figure out that audioplugin site - most “Free” things seemed to be a free trial, and the scrolling sub-window was quite frustrating. Here’s the direct link, to Arturia’s site:

EDIT: It seems that offer ended yesterday, and it’s now $20 - if you can figure out where to go to buy it, which is far from clear. I expect it’s normally bundled with things, rather than sold directly.