Go x64? Or stick with x86

I’ve gone from v2 to v3 and wondered about switching to x64 at the same time. However I don’t fancy looking for x64 versions of all my VSTs and JBridge seems like it might be an extra hassle.

So I’m currently running x86 V3 and happy - but am I missing something by not going to 64 bit?

I think you really only need it if you you use memory intensive sample players or load a lot of instruments at one time. If your favorite vsts are small in memory use then X86 is fine. So … if you start running large Kontakt or other Sample libraries then X64 should help because you can address more RAM.

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Cantabile has native jBridge support though. I loaded an x86 plugin accidentally and noticed that jBridge was hosting it for me without any effort. I still use x64 wherever possible but jBridge has worked fine for me.

I choose to go x64 simply because 32 bit won’t be around forever and support will drop and operating systems may even discontinue emulation of 32 bit, like Windows on Windows, for example.

I’m sure that is over zealous but eh.

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definitely go 64 bit!!

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For the longest time nearly all active development of Cantabile was done with the x86 build. It’s only the last couple of months I now do development in x64 mode (mostly).

The main deciding factor for me would be the plugins you’re using. If you’re using a lot of x86 only plugins stick with x86 else there’s not really a reason not to go x64. Performance wise there’s very little in it.

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Big difference Brad is 64 bit (x64) can address any amount of RAM, while 32 bit (x86) is HARD restricted to 4gig. Even if 16 gig is installed, it will still only “see and use” 4.
It is why I made the switch to all 64 bit plugs almost as soon as they were released. And with a lot of plugs being RAM dependant (ie non hdd streaming), as you know RAM is critical especially with multiple plugs running concurrently)