Global Switch States

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I make use of racks to act as memories for switches. For example, I have a set of 8 pads on my keyboard controller which I use to control a set of rack switches (rack states “on” or “off” within Cantabile). I use these to control various functions such as Guitar/keyboard racks on/off, midi Guitar synth on/off and stomp effects on/off. The switch racks in Cantabile therefore act as a central store of the switch value that can be controlled from the keyboard or song and remembered by Cantabilew.

I have a set of racks that behave as switches (toggled by CCs from my keyboard controller or state controlled at the song/song state level) which I use to set various parameters/states of other racks/plugins on song load or dynamically during a song.

The output from these racks switches have to be midi routes to the objects that I want to control after which I can use bindings to control the object from the CC switch.

For example a centralised switch may send a CC On/Off via a custom midi route to my Guitar Rig plugin where there is a binding to the CC to enable/disable the plug in.

I am thinking that it would nice if it was possible to declare a user defined global state (accessible from anywhere) that the switch rack can set (e.g. “Guitar Enable”) and the can be assigned as a binding to the enable button of the guitar rack.

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