Global rack and audio input

One way to use the global rack could as a kind of “mastering tool”.

I use CB3 in different environments with different needs for tweaking of e.g. EQ.

Via states in the global rack it would very easy to store such environments and save a state until it is manually re-selected.

The only requirement would be to be able to route audio from a song to the Global rack, which does not seem to be possible now?

Great idea!! What we need is for the global rack to have extra audio inputs/outputs available, which allow it to be placed at Cantabile’s output stage as a global insert rack (I guess there’d need to be something to prevent audio loops). Or maybe we need a dedicated global output rack specifically for this use case.

That would be super-useful though. Also for example where sometimes you do a gig and send a bunch of separate channels to front-of-house, and at other gigs you just send mono or stereo - use a different global rack state to do the mixing.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but couldn’t you do this just by creating your own shared rack and pointing all your songs at it?

Yes…damn!! I’m going to do that right now!!

I have been following this topic and have a suggestion. Since we assume in this case you will always have a “master Rack” to route to, could it be possible to auto copy that designated rack from song to song when making new songs and have an option to set a default route from new racks you insert to this “master rack” instead of the main outs. It would speed things up some when constructing new songs and since the rack was already marked as “master” audio destination you could use this “master rack” as the basis for a large view mixer we’ve been discussing.


I think this would be better covered by having template songs.

I like the idea of marking a rack or plugin as the default audio target.

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I like this. Two Background Racks: one that is used “in front” of the song (for global bindings etc) and one “after” the song (that can contain master effects) etc…


The more I think about this, the more I like it too. The “input” background rack doing processing/clean-up at the input into Cantabile (suppressing certain MIDI data, dealing with song/state change messages etc.), and the “output” background rack for consolidating the output of songs, doing any keyboard-rig-wide stuff that you need on your output stage.



Hey Guys,

I like the thinking here but does Cantabile actually need to support anything special here? If you were to create your own “Global Input” and “Global Output” rack and just include them in every song, you get this exact capability.

I guess having a template song file that included these two racks would simplify creating songs.


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True - I guess it’s just an ease of use thing. Anything to avoid cluttering up songs is good.

But couldn’t your point be applied to the current background rack? Or is there something about the background rack that couldn’t be done at the song level?


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I guess the main difference is that you don’t create route connections between the background rack and the song - so yes, it is a little different (but not much). Let me think about it.

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For me: all I need is a route to send the final audio of the song to the background rack instead of the output ports.

When I first started playing with your beta releases and read about the global rack (as it was then) I thought that would be its purpose and I was quite excited. (Did you know that “global” still appears as the rack name when you open up the background rack?!?)

I currently use the same “master” rack in all my songs (and being able to include this in a template song would be fine) but …

Actually - scratch that. I can think of one important reason why I might want to have this master rack in all my songs: so that I can change settings on a per-song basis.

Hmmm. To be honest - for the sake of complete versatility - can we have both? Song templates and an audio route into the background rack?

So glad this function made it ! Very important part of Cantabile !