Global output rack-how do I stop the state changing between songs?

I have a linked global output rack that at the moment just contains an eq. The output of every song goes to this rack.

I want to be able to load a “setup” song upon startup and manually set the rack state of this rack to “home” or “rehearsal” etc. This then sets the eq plugin preset to “home” or “rehearsal”. I want this preset to persist until I next change it. I don’t want the rack state or plugin preset to change between songs.

On the Plugin state behaviour I have the 2nd box ticked for “Selected Program”. 1st box is unticked
On the Rack state behaviour, I have nothing ticked. Specifically, Selected Rack State and Exported state are unticked.

My problem is that the rack state is changing between songs, and I am prompted to save the song every time I change the rack state. How do I stop it?


Hi Al,


  • select the rack but don’t open
  • open the state behavior for that rack ( your eq rack )
  • check the Selected Rack State Box
  • check the Exported State Box

when you start a session you should be able to change the rack state from any song in your set list using the preset slot next to the rack icon and it will stay that way until you change it manually. I assume you are using a Set list. Go to Options>General>Save and Load to change the auto-saving features.


Hi Dave, I have tried that now, but when switching from song to song, the rack state for the eq rack still changes to that saved with the song.

Sorry I must have backward. Will investigate further.


Hi @a6325435

I think what you’re after is this… open the rack and go to File | Rack Options and turn off “Let the parent song control this rack’s selected state and gain”.


Hi Brad, yes that worked and achieves what I want.

I am puzzled though why I needed to do that. My config was as below.

On the Plugin state behaviour I have the 2nd box ticked for “Selected Program”. 1st box is unticked

The help guide says the following about the plugin state behaviour
"If only the second option is selected, switching songs or song states will not affect the setting, but changing the selected rack state will."

I thought that with this setup,

  1. The rack will control the plugin preset and be able to change it, but because the 1st box is unticked, then as I move around songs, then the songs won’t change the plugin behaviour directly. This is fine.

  2. Presumably then, the reason the rack state was changing between songs is because the rack state is stored with the song. But I have unticked Selected Rack State and Exported state on the rack behaviour. How are these 2 settings different from the “Let the parent song control this rack’s selected state and gain” options?

Thanks again!

Hi @a6325435

These are different things.

The check marks in the state behaviours panel indicate settings that you want stored externally in the song file.

What you’re talking about is changing the state of the rack itself - this will always be controlled by the song unless you turn off the mentioned “Let parent…” setting.