Glitch Free Book

Just curious (actually, more than ‘just curious’… more like ‘eagerly awaiting’) regarding the approximate release date of your audio tips book…

Any idea when?

The book’s about 2/3 finished, but unfortunately been put on the back burner while I focus on getting Cantabile 3 out. I will finish it… just too much to do right now.

(I might just knock of the rest of it quickly and release it as a draft if I find time, but no promises).

For more details on the book, see here.

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I also await this publication. I have been keeping all the little things you need to do to a PC in different folders for years. This should help clear that up and show even more unknown tricks.

A quick update… wrote another 2,500 words last night. I’d say about 85% complete now.


Hi Brad, great book. Pity that it does not end up with a one page list of all counter measures!

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