Glass Hammer was Cruisin'

Just a shout out for our very own Prog God :slight_smile: Fred, who gets a mention on Page 50 of this month’s Prog Mag in feature on the Cruise to the Edge “floating festival”.

Sounds like a blast was had on the seven seas, and it must be assumed that Cantabile was sailing gracefully! :slight_smile:


Thank you sir! Yeah, it did better than I did! It’s always scary when you don’t know what gear is going to show up but they had a great crew. First show got it up and running 5 minutes to show time and the laptop couldn’t see my sound interface- bad USB cable! Got it swapped and all was good. Last show I had bad pops all through the first 3 songs, which never happens and then -a screen informing the laptop was about to power down from low battery power. It wasn’t plugged in. Got that solved and went on. Had a great time- we got to play with Yes singer Jon “Juano” Davison for the first time ever on-stage even though he sang on 3 albums with us!


Speaking of prog festivals and Cantabile, I see IQ will be at ProgStock this year. I may have to call Rob and see if I can worm my way in as a keys roadie or something. It’s a good line-up this year.


Yes, do come along, Fred!! It would be great to catch up with you and have a geeky Cantabile chat!

We’re really looking forward to being back in the USA again.



I’ve also been caught out by forgetting to plug the laptop into power before! :blush:

And we of course live on the adrenalin rush of going to the wire before show time! I keep reminding myself that no one would watch a James Bond film if he saved the world with a week to spare… :wink:

Glad it all went well (and that you got to gig with Jon), and it’s nice to see some of the folks here appear in print. I haven’t myself made the cover of the rolling stone yet, but have made it to the “inside of the teivyside!” (local paper in Cardigan, Wales!) :slight_smile: