Ghost input and crash

I have a reproducible crashing bug. @brad already has logs.
The setup is as follows:
At the top level of a Cantabile song, PIZmidi Midiconverter3>PIZmidiPolyphony>Stylus RMX
The objective is to be able to play a groovesuite from a MIDI keyboard without having to keep a note pressed down and without the files stacking on top of each other.
The transformer kills note offs, so that a touch will sustain the note.
The midipolyphony then limits the notes to one note only and issues a note off for the currently sounding note as soon as a new note comes in.
Stylus gets that result and functions well.

I wanted that collection of plugins to live in a rack, so cut and pasted from top level into a new rack.
(BTW, a paste into rack retains the relative position on the page when switching to wiring view. In this case, the plugins were waaay down the page so hit auto arrange otherwise you could think the paste had failed.)

The 3 plug ins appear with no incoming MIDI connection, but, as you see from the GIF, MIDI is getting to the first plug in and all the way into Stylus. There is absolutely no visible route hitting that rack. All inputs disabled to test.
The first GIF shows the ghost input.
The second GIF shows the reproducible crash when I attempt to delete the first plugin.
Ghost input:
ghost input

Crash on delete of first plugin. (Delete field was just below frame):
crash on delete

Hi Ade,

I think what might be happening here is the route to the first plugin isn’t shown because it’s from an environment level MIDI Port which you don’t have shown in the rack view. If you switch the rack to table view you’ll probably find there’s a route there that’s not shown in the wiring view.

This is a limitation in the routing view that I need to come up with a better fix for.

As for the crash, I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Can you send me a copy of the song/rack with those plugins along with details on the exact plugin versions you’re using.


Thanks @Brad.
As you suggested, table view revealed the connection.
The source, however, was muted at top input port level. Also revealed was a Main Keyboard input which was not involved at the top level but which snuck into the pasted setup within the new rack.
I’m not sure either of these should be even possible within the rack, where only rack input is allowed.
I’ll send the plugin setup over.