GForce Virtual String Machine Sale

I finally just bought this. Not sure why I waited so long, it’s amazing with about a zillion sounds. It’s on sale now with the expansion packs included for 66% off (about $45 US).

  • Paul

Yeah, it’s a killer!

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It is very good, along with their MTRON Pro. All of the classic sounds of the 70s with no maintenance nightmare.

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Ditto, I’ve have always desired it and may have to find a way to do it ,:thinking:

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M-Tron is great. And now with v3 there’s hundreds of tapes. I really like the sound and character of Arturia’s tron and the ability to “tronify” your own samples in it but for sheer amounts of tape banks no one will tough G-Media.

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My favorite string machine is Loomer Strings - no need for gigabytes of samples, and a simple serial number copy protection so I can install it on all my relevant machines without hassle…

It’s not a direct emulation of a specific string machine, but it hits the vibe nicely…


Loomer Strings - ah’; bought it years ago and found it really nice. There are so much tools these days that I just forgot that this could be an option.

Not one I had heard of before. Will check it out some time…

Loomer is good. VSM has a lot of really great sounds though. I use it on the studio machine but not live…

Isn’t Loomer X86?

Loomer has both versions - 32 and 64 bit. No problems there…

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Funny, I’ve been recreating string machines in avenger also. If anybody is interested i’d be glad to send it