GForce Software Sale - 66% Off

Hi, I just had an email to say that GForce Software are running a sale until 25th December where their three modelled synths are discounted by 66%

For the first time we’re offering you the opportunity to purchase our synthesizers, impOSCar2®, Oddity2® and Minimonsta® at the truly impulse price of £33.33 each.

I just bought impOSCar2 and it’s a great vst. Lots of presets too, many that sound very CS80-like. It’s modeled on a synth that I had never heard of before.

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I like GForce instruments, especially their Mellotron and Virtual String Machine, and their modelled synths are very good as well.

Yes, the OSCar was not a massive selling synth, so slipped in and out under the radar. It was introduced at a time in the 80s when there was little interest in monosynths, it i was competing against the likes of the DX7. It did have high profile users like Ultravox’s Billy Currie and Jean Michelle Jarre.

More heavy discounting…

Minimonsta and Oddity at £22.95 (ex VAT)

I just wish they would do something about Scaleable GUIs. I can’t see the damn things anymore, but they sound great!


Not as famous as the one you mentioned, Martin Orford of the new-prog band IQ had an Oscar, until about 1996 when he switched to a Korg Prophecy for solos before their album Subterranea.


P.S. Yes, I was (and I am) a fan of IQ and I know that their present keyboard player is on this forum (Hi @Neil_Durant!) :wink:

Edit: I have just noticed that I am replying to a three years old message…sorry. :laughing:

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I actually pulled it back from the dead :slight_smile: as GForce are having another monster sale.

Another huge IQ fan here. Listened to Resistance yesterday, which I think is one of their best.

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There be nothing wrong with bring up a post from the past. Now I have some thing else to add to the growing (wish) list. :smiley:

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Wait until you see my next post… :wink:

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Resurrecting this thread (again), as GForce are running their “Synthmas” sale with some good discounts.

GForce Synthmas Sale

Bought SEM at Gforce Italian dealer. I saved VAT and currency conversion, but ignore the reason of that.
So I had it for 33€ (same as 33USD).

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