Getting closer to wireless system

I finally got around to working with Overloud Th-u in Cantabile and hoping to remove my Pod HD pro from the rack, one simple yet big stumbling block was the VST only works the the way I want it to if I use the VST2 version for midi control. The next stage will be looking at wireless midi, I only need to connect a rack mounted harmonizer and a foot controller, probably use my GT-10 untill I find a better solution.

I think you will love THU. I’ve been using the VST3 version in c3 with no issues. For wireless MIDI you might want to look into Widi a few of us have posted here about it. I’ve been gigging with it for about a year and it has been rock solid. Getting it going and getting the groups of witty devices established took a little time. But once I had it running it has been a set it and forget it scenario… I just plug them into my MIDI devices before booting up my PC and it works every time. For playing MIDI instruments you will want one widi at the Midi input of your interface, and another for each MIDI controller. That will give you the lowest latency, and it is negligible. For foot controllers and things that don’t require low latency you can connect one widi at the foot controller and go direct into Bluetooth on your PC. Again, it was a little tricky getting it going but I haven’t had to touch it since it just works. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, I have the VST2 working for me now and I imagine it sounds the same as the vst3, I’m getting ready to order widi, looking at the CME bud pro and widi master to start, I’m not using keyboards so I only need to send my harmonizer messages and receive from a foot controller, I don’t need much so I’m looking at the M-Vave chocolate controller.

The Chocolate didn’t work for me, I read it has not been setup for compatibility with CME, but used my old GT-10 and it works fine. Luckily the Chocolate was amazon so back it went. Looks like i can make an extra power supply for the widi master in DIN, using a 2.5 TRS extension cable and a midi cable end.

I got 2 widi masters and the widi bud pro and managed to get everything working.

Cool, you’re gonna love it! I’ve been reading CME’s updates about wireless low latency audio, it doesn’t say anything specific but I’m hoping it will work for wireless IEMs.