Get some rack time

This might not be everyone cup of tea, but It’s a lot of fun and can soak up some time. I guess it’s been decades since anyone performed big gigs live with the real thing but there might be a few here game enough to try.
It has a bridge VST system so you can integrate it in Cantabile or drive it via virtual Midi etc.
Loads of modules to plug and pray - and curse.
VCV Rack

My crappy little two oscillator effort took hours - very satisfying but.


Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh no no no no no no no I do NOT need to get drawn into this rabbit hole, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: I have enough going on.


Sadly, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. VCV Rack 1.0 has just come out, and it is amazing. Bugs being worked out, for sure, but we understand passionate software developers/visionaries. The only way I can afford to learn Eurorack!

Paul “Uncle Chrome” Artola
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA


Wondering if anyone is actively using VCV with C4?

Thinking of trying it out (he says, as he falls into the quicksand-filled rabbit hole) and wondering if there are any issues. Cantabile is not among the listed DAWs on the VCV web site …

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These days, I produce, almost exclusively, with VCV-Rack2, but the free version only. I build performable patches then screen capture to produce my final videos, culminnating in monthly shows called Blippity Bloop Theater, on my Uncle Chrome youtube channel.

While I am hearing miscellaneous issues with the VST version of VCV, I cannot think of a specific reason it would not work inside Cantibile, just don’t expect complex signal routing between all the possible layers to work first time!

  • Paul
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Wow Paul … great stuff!! You’ve been at it all this time - since your post four years ago (!!!) Great to see what you’ve developed, but I also realize the complexity involved …

Thanks for the feedback!

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