Get a free... Something

LOL, what is the most useless plugin I could conceive of? That is probably what we’ll get from Waves for free (other than a bunch of spam in the mailbox). But whatever, I took the bait…we’ll see Friday I suppose!

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Ha, I know right! But it’s a CLA and I like some of those. I ude GRP on almost everything. Its about tje only WAVES plug I still use.

The only things I bought from them were Ovox and Realtime Tune.

Ovox is a mixed bag for me, can do some cool stuff. It’s basically a vocoder that detects pitch to trigger a synth note instead of keying it. Which is all fine and well if the pitch detection is really good, which it is not…it cannot handle vibrato. But for a vibrato-less source its ok and kinda fun. I was an early adopter so only paid $45.

Realtime Tune is OK, it’s enough to tighten up a fairly decent vocal without a introducing a bunch of artifacts and it has no latency. But don’t expect it to do miracles… It does do this task as well as AutoTune EVO (old) did, so when on sale its decent enough imo.

I don’t buy anything from Waves since the late 90s as they tried to charge me a second time for a product I had already bought (a so called WUP).
Whoops - that was it.

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CLA Echosphere?? A super dumbed down delay plus single plate reverb algo.

LOL, whatever…I suppose I’ll at least download and listen before I delete it!

Uggh. Figuers, I suppose. I don’t even know if I want to go to the effort to dowlload another freaking echoverb.