Generic asio driver messes up Vital

Dear all,

I’d like to share my experience with the Generic Asio driver that comes with Halion Sonic SE (Steinberg in general) and the Asio4All. Asio4All is my favorite as it gives me better latency than the Generic Asio driver, even using a Yamah Audiogram 6 interface.
I had both drivers installed, but using the Asio4All.
Recently I installed Vital (great,…), however it started to crash every 10 minutes. In the end I decided to remove the Generic Asio driver and this resolved the issue.
The effect on Halion SE was that it wouldn’t give a sound anymore in the x64 version. The x86 is still working, also I can load just 1 instrument.
Does this sound familiar to somebody, or am I doing something completely wrong?


It would be worth investing in a simple audio interface that comes with native ASIO drivers. The two options you’re using are really ‘quick and dirty’ solutions when all else fails.


Similar things happen to me with generic drivers. No sound unless I enable Share drivers with other programs. Although this seems to uncheck itself from time to time.

Hi Elf,
it may be the solution, but I’d rather try it before buying and hoping it works better.

Hi Soundtweaker,
where should I enable “share drivers with other programs”?


It’s right below the driver type in the Cantabile settings.

That one is greyed out,…

I reinstalled the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.3”, that works without having the interface itself. It solves the issues, let’s see if I can live with the latency.

Seems like there is not a real ASIO driver for your Yamaha Audiogram. It’s a very old and discontinued product. Don’t expect any great results using a generic driver. I had similar problems with some old m-audio interfaces, at the end I replaced them with newer (and surely better supported) hardware.

Sorry my gloominess :wink:

Yep, I’m using the ASIO driver that came with my Scarlett 2i4 and have had no problems.