Generate Report?

Maybe someone can help with this …
Lets say if I was to retire an old plugin, and replace it with a better sounding one for the same kind of parts.
I’ve got 100 odd songs and can’t remember which ones use that plugin.

Is it possible to generate a report that will itemize the setup of a song (or songs from set list)
If there was an html file,I could search to find instances of a certain plugin or patch name or midi filters etc, it would be really handy.
All that info is already in there somewhere I guess right?
I’ve seen the ‘Verify Set list’ command but it doesn’t give me the detail I was looking for.

Is this already possible or should this be a feature request or something to see if there are others who would find it useful?



If you are familiar with the Windows command line, you can navigate to your song directory and issue this command:

findstr /I /M "Omnisphere.dll" *.cantabileSong

This will give you the name of all files that reference Omnisphere.dll.