General purpose variables


Is there any way to define a general purpose variable, such that a binding can set it with, say, a controller value, and a controller bar button can then display it, basically providing a live monitor of a particular controller value? Or any other way to do this?



Sounds like a job for Bome MT


Not currently possible, but I’ve thought about this a few times… what if I added variables like $(cc23) that reflected the last CC value that the on-screen keyboard sent or received.

Combined with the expression engine you could do some neat things like: $(cc23 > 64 ? "On" : "Off")


Brad, you realize, of course, this sounds like a joke on “The Big Bang Theory”, right? :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


An external controller that is not tied to song-specific program changes should do that.
… I use chameleon as a touch controll and could therefore simply outsource a value and query it if necessary.
(…with Lightjams it is also no problem )

also a cantabile internal way could be to have an embedded Rack in your Background Rack that saves the value as gain(value) …then create ports to connect with your songs.

now you can route or change this value everytime you need it (or map/modulate it with a routingfilter)


That looks extremely useful, for on-screen feedback for hardware continuous controllers.

An extension to that idea would be for a command bar fader to be associated with a CC variable like that, and have it automatically pop up and show its position driven from CC values, when the values change :slight_smile:



I’m ok with that so long as I sound like I’m completely over-engineering the TV cabinet with a cooling system, and not just complaining that Penny changed her hair.


The code behind this is a hot mess, but as a proof of concept seems to work.

Good idea - I’ll look into it.


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Available now, see blog post.


Fun!! I’ve been waiting for the input to the onscreen control bar. A great way to indicate and monitor critical common rack states.



Making good use of this feature already - now I have visual feedback for some of my external continuous controllers, whatever mode I’m in! Thanks Brad!!


Nice touch with the % on the controller feedback!


Brad… you are a freak! :slight_smile: