Gathering/ordering input or output ports in the routing view


Very happy user of Cantabile here. Sorry if this is a silly question, but I could not find a response either in the manuals or through a search in this forum (perhaps I haven’t been used the right keywords…)

Anyway, whenever I add new input or output ports in the routing view of Cantabile 4.x, they tend to always appear at the very bottom of either the left or right panel. I then have to manually draf and drop them so that they are close to each other.

Is there a way to “gather” all input and output ports together and (bonus point) automatically arrange them alphabetically?



Hi @FunkyTakashi and welcome to the forum!

The ability you request is still missing and it has been asked for a few times, if I remember well. There is at least one entry about it on Trello:

I guess @brad has been so busy with the new binding system, in the last few months, that other (somewhat minor) changes have been put on hold.


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Thanks Gabriel!

Indeed, it is not a major showstopper, more of a “nice to have” feature that I’m happy to wait for until other major features have been implemented.

But I happy to know that I’m not a total idiot and I haven’t missed an obvious option somewhere. :slight_smile:



Yep, this is on my todo list. In the meantime, one work around is to use templates.

eg: if you want all your new songs to have a particular arrangement:

  1. Create a new song
  2. Arrange the ports how you like them
  3. Use File -> “Save As Song Template” and give it a name

Now when you go File -> New, you’ll be prompted to choose a template and if you choose the previosuly saved template, the song will have that port arrangement.

I hope this helps until I can get my act together :slight_smile:


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Thanks Brad!

I already do something similar, basically I have a “sparse” song called (surprise!) “Template”, with the input and output ports set up as I want them and some basic racks for pre- and post- effects, and then I duplicate it whenever I want to create a new song.

As I said, this is not really a showstopper, but it’s nice to know that it might come at some point.

Thanks for your wonderful app!


I made a template to work around IO order and when the template is chosen for a new song, this what is in the routing window.

Looks great and is what I want: a blank canvas with all the routes in view. Then, when the + sign is used to add a plugin, all the IO rearranges…

If a plugin is saved with the template, the IO port rearrangement does not happen.