Gaming laptop for music


Hi guys,

I’m kinda starting to look out for a new performance laptop for on stage.
Specs should be:

  • powerfull processor i7
  • 15 inch or smaller screen, portable on stage
  • 16 ram should do it
  • ssd
  • powerful videocard for projecting while playing softsynths…
  • below 1000 euro

I now own an Alienware m14x and I think it’s not bad, just a bit big and heavy.

I’ve found this review.
Any of you guys have good advice?
I know a gaming laptop isn’t the advice for music computers, but I find them having most of the specs I need.


I’m going to stop with doing this search for you! :wink:



I’m currently running my Cantabile live rig on an Asus Aspire V15 Nitro (VN7-591G), which is definitely targeted at the gamer market, but its configuration is pretty useful for an audio machine as well. Does everything I need for my live rig.

Yes, I don’t really need a powerful 3D graphics card, but so far it hasn’t hurt me :wink: - and if you want to do projecting in parallel to your audio tasks, then that might come in even more handy.




It’s a myth gamers don’t play, music.

Indeed Torsten, my idea also. Computers will be computers.


I see no reason to spend the extra money on a high-end video card as included in any Gamer laptop.

I would focus upon high-end business-use computers instead and look for the specs you desire. You will save a lot of money that way.



For my purpose I do see a reason :slight_smile: I run everything in Reaper daw, including a video background :wink:
That’s why I’m looking for a strong video card.


I’ve been running Cantabile on a gaming laptop, tweaked using Brad’s suggestions, for quite some time now and have not encountered any problems whatsoever.


I’m a tight wad lol I buy refurbs. A machine a year or two old will cost 1/3 of what it did new, do everything I need and generally have enough of a warranty (1 to 3 months) that if it is going to fail it will do it within that period. A lot of times a refurb will undergo a more careful pre-sale inspection than a new machine. I bought two laptops with about the exact specs you give for about $500 combined! (Actually, in this case one was a refurb. The other was a used gaming machine that worked perfectly but looked like it had been hurled off the top of a building- huge dents :smiley: Both have worked great for me).