Gain Control Curve Questions

I am guessing from the documentation that the Cantabile (New) curve is somewhat “antilogarithmic.” Even so,with my Yamaha S90es controller and foot pedal, the output curve is not “pleasing,” i.e. there seems to be a serious jump in volume over the last 1/4 of travel. Same goes for the slider.

Creating / modifying the gain curve as described in the dos seems daunting. Has anyone out there modified one?




There shouldn’t be any volume jumps anywhere on the curve - it’s pretty smooth. See my post in another thread to see a graph of the various curves. Do you know what your foot pedal is sending out? Perhaps it’s already logarithmic - in which case you might need a linear mapping in Cantabile to use it nicely.



I’m using a Yamaha FC7 pedal with a Yamaha keyboard. I guess I wrote that wrong. There are no “jumps” per say, but the volume increases more than I would expect over the last little bit of travel. By your graphs, I would expect the volume to be smoother.

I’ll play some more and see what I can find.



I believe the FC7 has a 50kΩ logarithmic potentiometer inside, so would already be providing the logarithmic response. So putting that through another layer of logarithmic mapping in Cantabile will make that low-end behavior very steep, I would think. I suspect that’s why you’re seeing the rapid volume change at one end of travel.


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Hey Rick,

probably no need to fiddle with the gain curve - there may be an easier path to modify your pedal response: you could use a MIDI filter to translate your foot pedal response.

If you want to make this permanent, you can do this at the MIDI port level: go to options->MIDI ports; select the port for your S90, click “edit”, then “MIDI filters”, then “add”-> Velocity/Controller Curve. Now select “Controller” instead of “Note Velocity”, select 7 as the CC number, and modify the slider “Curve” to taste. If things move too fast at the end of pedal travel, I’d try pushing the slider 50% to the right to compress the end of the curve.

I sometimes modify pedal response on a per-song basis, depending on what I control with it. Do do this, I insert the MIDI filter on the route to the respective rack. You could even use different filters for different routes (pedal modifies string volume only very slightly, but organ volume dramatically) in the same layered sound!

Have fun experimenting!




Thanks Gents!

The MIDI Filter did the trick… 50% to the right. That evened the response right out!