Further reflections on Lite versus Solo

The best thing I could say about Lite, it’s some of the most amazing and powerful free software. The best thing I could say about Solo, I should have taken the plunge a lot sooner.

Even though there are some plugins with good MIDI control capabilities, having Solo allows me to use a wider range of plugin options to achieve the same kind of thing. For example, I was using the modular filter a lot because the MIDI control routing was very easy. With Solo I could use the old TAL filter and setup the parameter automation to do the same thing and it’s much less CPU intensive. That makes a big difference when you start running multiple synth plugins with multiple effects on each.

I recently acquired a controller with programmable knobs, I’m working on editing my existing Cantabile patching to setup a consistent workflow so I can use the control knobs for the filter, effects mixes, delay time, etc. The additional control features in Solo have been coming in very handy.

Here’s a recent live piece that uses multiple controllers, multiple synths and a whole bunch of effects plugins all at the same time in Cantabile.

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