French translation


Hello, I try to translate cantabile into french by having put the file strings-fr.json in the folder cantabile 3.0 and restarted but no translation appears … my system is good in french … can you help me s 'please
thank you


Hi @gagg,

FYI: I just tried the latest strings-fr.json file here and it seems to work fine. Check out the video walkthrough I just put up and post back if you still can’t get it to work.



Hi Brad,
Thank you very much for your explanations.
actually my file strings-fr.json had to be corrupted because by repeating the procedure I got myself that the file was 43KB while the original is 528KB …
my problem came from there!
it is currently well translated enfrancais and I will finally be able to discover it !!
thank you again


I saw somewhere a platform where people can translate some software online in corporation.
I think i once looked at the Dutch translation but didn’t find it matching for me.
It would be handy if we could all work on the translations like in a wiki.
But still, for me it’s no problem, I’m using English anyways. :v:


thx for the blog, Brad.
Is there an english version to start from ?
Could find that in the bitbucket…


Hi @So_Godly,

Are you talking about a Dutch translation? It’s available here as strings-nl.json. Not sure on the current state of that file - I think it was last updated in 2017 so it’s probably half human/half machine translation (a “cyborg” translation?)

For details on how to do the translation see here and scroll down to “Notes for Translators”



Thx, yes i was looking how accurate it was but therefore i need to compare with the English version. Could you add it to the repository also?


The original English strings are in each of the translation files. Strings-nl is already in the repository. There is no strings-en because those strings are built into Cantabile and mapped to other languages using the .json files.