Freeware vst3 mixer 8 stereo channel in and out

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I found a freeware plugin mixer that works with cantabile. It’s called MixMaxTrix and it is a is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for Windows and Linux. It functions as a VST 3 Plugin. You can download from kvraudio It has 8 channels and all kind of fx.
I know that some of you are searching for this kind of plugin, so here you are…

Greatings, David

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I have download it and no success using it
I have 4 media players and want to route it to 1-4 input but only track 1 is active.
How can I use it ?

Hi LY,

Click right mouse on MixmaxTrix choose Audio Ports.

Then you can add inputs and outputs.


Hi David

I created an 8-input stereo mixer as a native Cantabile Rack. If you need it I can make it available again.

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OK, here it is. This is my ‘simple 8-in/2-out’ version (I have others with more outputs and sends), which utilizes Cantabile’s bi-directional binding facility.

Mixer Simple MCU Bi-Di.cantabileRack (402.2 KB)

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