Freeware TouchWah / DynamicWah / Autowah

Hey people,

I’m looking for something which shouldn’t be too special… but I can’t find it.
I’m looking for a classic funk-wah that reacts on volume and not on an CC like normal WahWahs do. So the louder you play, the more “wah” you get.
The only thing I found was “Pedals”, but this is only 32bit. And this gives me RAM-error-messages when closing down Cantabile with jBridge. I’d like to keep my system 32bit-free…

So any idea??


Unfortunately not freeware, but pretty affordable:

Kuassa Efektor WF3607

It models a number of classic wah pedals and allows autowah mode on all of them.




Hi Christian,

Preface - I’m not answering your request correctly because this one involves a small amount of money. The company is pretty cool, I bet you could get a lower price if you were bundling it with your stage piano.

*EDIT - didn’t see Torsten’s reply from yesterday for some reason - I second his recommendation!

I recently bought a Black Friday half off deal on Kuassa Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter from Plugin Boutique for $14. Not sure if it has a volume related mode, I’ve been using it as a CryBaby with my m-audio expression pedal.

I’ve tried all the alternatives I could find from manually rolling my own by binding the expression pedal to a generic filter to Amplitube’s bundled wah pedal. This one sounds like I expect.

Select from 6 types filter modes:

  • CB : Dunlop™ Cry Baby*
  • AX : Vertex™ Axis Wah*
  • VG : Vox™ Grey Wah*
  • MuLP : Mu-Tron™ Low Pass*
  • MuBP : Mu-Tron™ Band Pass*
  • MuHP : Mu-Tron™ High Pass*
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