Free Active Noise Canceling plugins?

My mic is very noisy. I’m looking for something similar to the noise reduction plugin in audacity, where you take a sample of your noise and then it uses active noise canceling to remove that noise.

I would rather be trying to find out why your mic is noisy and fixing that, rather than accepting it and trying to fix it afterwards. Noise reduction can help in some circumstances, but it will come with compromises and artifacts that are often more distracting than the noise itself.

Maybe some details of the gear you’re using and how you have it connected might help to show up the problem.

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My microphone is called tracer screamer, very cheap, and I bought it cause I just needed to talk to my friends, who couldn’t care less if I had a 200 euro microphone, or a 15 euro one. One of my friends has the same microphone, but I can’t decide wether his is more quality than mine (maybe mine is like broken or something, idk) . My microphone is right next to my face, and even then it stays at like -12dB max. It is going through a XLR cable to my pc, where it goes to Cantabile where I have a noise canceling plugin and a noise gate, then a bit of distortion so I can make it louder without having it clip, and because I want to. Then It goes to voicemeeter banana, where it is EQ’d and sent to all my programs. I just installed cantabile yesterday, because I decided that the noise was unbearable, and I didn’t know if it was a flawed microphone, or just a cheaply designed microphone. On youtube reviews this microphone sound not that bad compared to mine.
Edit: I have tried looking for why my microphone is so noise but i couldn’t find anything
Edit 1: My microphone’s raw noise is around -30dB

Honestly - what do you expect from a 15$ plastic microphone? Also: what are you plugging it into - the PC audio card directly?

There is a broad range of sources for noise in a setup…

I’m with @The_Elf - fix things at the source: If you want reasonable sound, you should plug a decent microphone (you can get e.g. a Mackie 89-D for around 67 Euros) into a decent audio interface with at least “OK” pre-amps (e.g. Behringer U-Phoria 202HD, another 64 Euros). With this combination, you should get a sound that doesn’t need de-noising…



I’m afraid that Torsten is correct. You’re expecting too much from that karaoke microphone and your computer’s in-built audio.

If you aspire to better audio then a modest step up to a more suitable microphone and a basic audio interface will get you on the right path.

If you do want to persist… are you are speaking into the right place on that mic? it looks like a side-address, but people often mistakenly speak into the top when they are unaware of this.