Fractional Tempos

Two questions/suggestions about fractional tempos:

  1. How do I set a specific bpm with 3 decimal places of accuracy? When I drag the tempo bar, I can get tempos like “80.329” (3 decimal places) so I know they’re supported, but dragging isn’t precise enough to get a specific target tempo. When I use the “Choose Tempo” widget and enter a 3-decimal tempo into it, it gets rounded to 2 decimal places. Is there a way to get specific 3-decimal tempos? If not, then could the “Choose Tempo” widget please be expanded to support 3 decimal places of accuracy?

  2. How can I create a binding that increases the tempo by exactly 1 (or any other fixed amount) even if the current tempo is fractional? When I create a binding whose target is “Metronome → Increase Tempo”, it rounds the tempo to the nearest integer while incrementing. This is a problem because it means that increasing then decreasing the tempo via bindings does not restore the original tempo. Is there any way around this? If not, might I suggest that “Increase Tempo” and “Decrease Tempo” binding targets should increment and decrement tempos by exactly 1.000 without rounding?