FR: Tap tempo max, min, mode per state

It’d be really useful to be able to constrain the tap tempo settings per song, or preferrably per song state.
The settings help a lot to contain extreme changes such as if you pause the tapping but then retap inside the max tap window. This can half the tempo if you’re not careful.

@brad, you mentioned in a previous discussion of the tap tempo feature about adjusting the reset time for it.
It makes perfect sense to me that the min and max tempo setting should inform the reset time:
If the tap time is longer than the min tempo
If the tap time is shorter than the max tempo
then treat the newest tap as the start of a new tap tempo rather than try to adjust the tempo.

That could work. Have you got a link to the original discussion to refresh my memory?

I’ve written a vst with a moving average tap tempo with the max and min tempo rules.
It definitely helps mis-taps.
I’ll look into the delay locked loop that your dynamic algorithm uses.

I’m needing a supercharged tap tempo because I’m triggering MIDI clips from Mulab vst.
Our drummer refuses to play to click.
Any mis-tap means a whole bar of music is thrown out of time, sometimes more as the tempo builds back up.

@brad Thanks so much for giving Cantabile the flexibility to bind pitchbend to tempo and also allow fractional tempos!

(My tap tempo vst has some issues with automation parameters so I converted the tempo to pitchbend)

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