FR: sort the setlist popup by date

It would be very handy if the setlist was sorted by the date, now it’s alphabetically.
I prefer like the recents panel with numbers…
I play in different band and they all have different playlist every concert, so it get’s pretty chaotic :smiley:
Please God of the developers, can you please make it happen.

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Mr. @brad
Please hear my prayers :wink:

When you make a set list in Cantabile, why don’t you just save the set list with a name that includes the date? The set list feature in Cantabile, in my opinion, is designed for a single-use type scenario. If you’re changing the order or playing different songs, just use a different set list.

I do :slight_smile: but the list is ordered the other way, so 2018-10 comes last :wink:
I do it like this (I play in several bands)
BANDNAME 2018-10 location

Cantabile uses the standard Windows Open File dialogue box for opening set list files, so the problem isn’t really with Cantabile. Can’t you just adapt your file names so they are in the order you want?
“BANDNAME 10-2018 Location” ?

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I perform currently with 5 different bands, sometimes with other individuals. The Venues rarely intersect, but if they do, it is no problem. All the bands play different tunes and the set lists always vary from gig to gig. I gig usually 3-4 times a week, so it is easy to get confused unless I stay on top of it. Here is how I do it:

Venue 1: 10-1-18. Venue 2: 10-9-18. OR Band Name - Venue- 10-1-18. I keep a calendar on my phone, so I know what band and venue is coming up next. Your Venue will always be listed in alphabetical order and by date, (why would you use the year first anyway?) OR Band in alpha order, then Venue, then date by month. If I can keep up with gigs, you surely can. :wink:

Instead of Cantabile conforming to you, wouldn’t it just be easier for you to find a better way with the tools you already have? I would only think it would be the logical way. :sunglasses:

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Maybe there’s a misunderstanding, imo it should be better to have the pop-up setlist menu the same sorting with 123 as in the hamburger menu. This is sorted by latest.
But indeed that’s how i do it also now. I use the date so that it’s sorted by latest date this way.

No more clicks to hit Open-select from list than Select menu option-select from list. Regardless, if you don’t arrange the way you want to see them, it won’t matter anyway. Are you going to number your gigs, or use date, or year, venue number? Even if Brad makes the change, it is still going to matter how you name and number your lists anyway. I have no problem with a change, just saying it is still going to be up to you to sort it the way you want it. That is what Robb was explaining as well.

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If you go by latest then the name doesn’t matter.
Maybe the user should choose the way it’s ordered?

Yes, that is what I am saying. I’m sure I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, but someone else might gain from it, so here goes. Windows normally orders numbers first, then letters. So…here I see it from my perspective. I keep up with where I am going to play next. For example let’s say Ed’s Place. here is what I will see. By Venue

Ed’s Place 10-1-18 Band1
Ed’s Place 10-9-18 Band 1
Ed’s Place 10-12-18 Duet #2
It will be organized by Venue, then by date.

or by date, then venue
10-1-18 Ed’s Place Band 1
10-9-18 Ed’s Place Band 1
10-12-18 Ed’s Place Duet #2

Or by Bands, then venue
Band 1 Ed’s Place 10-1-18
Band 1 Ed’s Place 10-9-18

I normally go by venue, but I could easily go by band, or date, whichever serves me best for my situation. In my particular situation, I usually know where, when, and who I am playing with. I always run through my set list the night before a gig, testing everything a last time, so that set list is at the top of the “recent” set list menu anyway. Again, I am not telling you anything new, but maybe it will help someone less knowledgeable.

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I know, so that’s why my request


That’s indeed a long list :grin: